OF Line

High productivity cutting for non woven and woven

OF Line is a smart die cutting system equipped with an innovative feeder for Open Width Fabric, which has been developed specifically to feed woven and nonwoven material such as PPE, acrylic, cotton, etc. to support industry specific cutting needs.

The advantage of the OF Line is the continuous nesting technology for material usage optimization and higher productivity.

Thanks to its new technology, this machine minimizes the distortions and tensions of the material through motorized unwinding rolls. In addition, the photo-eye sensors precisely align the edges of the fabric, guaranteeing the most accurate cut possible.

Quick change of cutting style reduces down time and increases productivity.
Industry 4.0 HMI supports ERP system connection as well as remote maintenance. Production reports are available for audit purpose.
The cutting pattern can be easily produced by the customer allowing an extremely fast deployment and reducing the TCO.
The machine’s heavy-duty industrial design allows a 24:7 seamless production.

Customization possibilities

Our experience allows us to work on dedicated projects in accordance with customer requirements.



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