• 1963

    Mario Roda and Cesare Beccari join forces to establish BRB srl.

  • 1970

    bierrebi revolutionizes the cutting technique by introducing the "single layer" system. bierrebi participates for the first time at the ITMA International Trades Fair, and assembles an initial network of agents and distributors in Europe.

  • 1980

    bierrebi recorded the first machinery sales in the USA and Japan.
    The product range was expanded as well with the introduction of the first fully automated cutting machine for tubular knitted fabric.

  • 1990

    bierrebi becomes the leader in t-shirt cutting in the USA.
    Sales expand in the Asian markets.

  • 1997

    bierrebi changes from agency representation in the America’s and creates Bierrebi International based in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • 2010

    The company undergoes an ownership change and is acquired by two young entrepreneurs, Francesco Virlinzi and Mario Paoluzi, who manage a successful reorganization, maintaining the entire staff and therefore retaining all the inherent expertise.

  • 2017

    The company opened another branch in India in order to satisfy the needs of that market in that area.

  • Today

    The company operates a global network of agents and, guarantees the efficient operation of its equipment to customers around the globe.

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