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Complete cutting line for Lingerie and Underwear

Significant cost savings through waste reduction, consistent cutting quality plus a reduction in the required labor and floor space are the guarantees of the fully automatic AL017 cutting process. These benefits are achieved and demonstrated by companies that have chosen to replace their traditional cutting methods with the AL017.
The system designed to cut lingerie from the placed (scallops or reference points) and not placed material.

This includes all operations for the entire cutting process:
  • lace placement
  • laying up and matching
  • pinning
  • Marking
  • Cutting and counting
  • Removal of cut pieces and waste
All with just one operator!
  • High productivity
  • Constant cutting quality
  • Significant fabric savings
  •  Significant reduction of the required floor space when compared to conventional systems
  • Dimensional symmetry of the cut pieces, even with width variations of the lace

Time, fabric, space
Reduce costs, increase the quality of the product
Excellent and continuous performance over time

The machine can also be equipped with:
1. AUTOSPOT 6 – The laser pointing reference system
The AUTOSPOT 6 allows for programmable reference points, (six reference points), to be assigned to the style number for exact replication and easy re-production of the style. It is the exclusive six pointing laser system that allows the automatic positioning for cuts requiring matched placement. The AUTOSPOT 6 memory hold programmed information for a maximum of 1000 styles, (patterns).
p to 1000 models constantly in storage that can be selected with the push of a button.
2. FEEDING ROBOT – feeder for flat lace
The feeding robot is capable of automatically transporting two layers of lace material into the cutting area, so all functions of the machine operate without any required operator intervention.
3. IR907 – tubular feeder
The IR907 automatically feeds two layers of tubular fabric, (lace or knitted), with a maximum width of 450 mm. Ideal for the production of youth size knitted garments or for cutting of Lingerie (slip, top)



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