Crystal® SH035 - Digital CNC cutter

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Compact and clean cutting process for surgical mesh

Crystal SH035 is the ultimate solution for surgical mesh cutting.
An extremely compact design to optimise the clean room floor space need and that doesn’t need expensive plant engineering works.

Cut-on-glass technology with no need for disposables (e.g. plastic sheet or table pads) prevents contaminations and allows an extremely clean and controlled cutting process.
Mesh retention without vacuum guarantees a silent and comfortable work environment, with particular attention to machine wear and consumption.
Patented “DOUBLE BLADE" cutting system: the cut is guaranteed by two blades that separate the material through pressure, ensuring a precise and perfect cut.

HMI with strict user policies and the possibility to connect to ERP systems to prevent any human error and to securely track and audit operations.
Adjustable cutting table height and small picking area to improve Ergonomics for operators.
Limited TCO thanks to an industrial design and premium components.
Environment friendly design with extremely limited power consumption and minimal disposable material.



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