RF Line

RF Line

The new machines of the AC series, automatic cutting systems, can be equipped with a new FEEDER FOR ROLLS, which was developed specifically to feed non-elastic material such as non-woven fabric, for filters or other applications, creating a totally new line.

  • Each roll is loaded onto an independently driven inline roll-feeding-shaft which deposits the fabric onto a synchronized material feeding belt for a horizontal transport into the cutting area.
  • The belt allows for the simultaneous feeding of all four fabric lavers with uniform tension and alignment  together without any influence by the distance of each roll to the machine.
  • independent roll drives are achieved with inverter controlled three-phase AC motors capable of reversal rotation and accurate feed rate without regard to the rolls outer diameter.
  • Roll shaft with integrated pneumatic bladder ensures a firm grip of the roll and is inflated/deflated by means of an air valve conveniently located at the front of the shaft.
  • The roll radius control accurately feeds the material without additional tension.
  • The belt movement is controlled by a brushless motor and allows a perfectly synchronised feeding in phase with the machine’s trolley movement.
  • Optic sensors are used for the detection of product presence and ensure the correct control to manage the end of material condition.
  • The roll movement is assisted bv a vertical balancer, which can be equipped with replaceable cylinders in order to give the proper tension and the right direction to the feeding material.
  • An independent display lor each layer provides for faster settings and operation.
  • A phased-stop provides protection and control in the case of the end of material condition or for inspection as per operator decision.
Customization possibilities
Our experience allows us to work on dedicated projects in accordance with customer requirements.



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