Automatic cutting system for continuous fabric

The AC line encompasses the five traditional cutting processes:

  • Automatic fabric alignement and presentation and feeding
  • Pattern design and placement on the fabric
  • Automatic cutting of the fabric
  • Automatic transport of the cut pieces and waste
  • Automatic counting of the cut pieces

All in a single operation with just 1 operator!


Bierrebi system characteristics

  • Constant and precise cutting quality
  • Flexibility in managing orders, thanks to the rapid change of fabric and pattern
  • Production control of the exact quantity of items required, with no additional waste
  • Rapid delivery of the finished product
  • Drastic reduction of warehouse stock
  • Rapid payback on investment due to cost savings
  • Reduction of the operational space needed, less than 20 sq.m.
  • Best fabric utilization, as compared to any traditional cutting method
  • Better cost control through timely planning of raw material purchases due to the predictable and constant consumption
  • High productivity per capita


Technical characteristic

  • Easy inspection of the fabric in frontloading phase
  • Individual loading of the various layers of fabric
  • Tension free feeding by conveyor belt
  • Ability to reverse the fabric drive in cases of fabric feeding problems.
  • Exclusive “infinite interlocking”, of the pattern to optimize the use of fabric
  • Fully automatic stacking in pre-selected quantities
  • Automatic control of the alignment of the fabric even in the presence of variations in width
  • Possibility of remote control and production statistics


“AC3 – a step forward”

The new line AC3 represents the “state of the art” of the BIERREBI cutting system, with completely renovated electronics and mechanics to ensure:

  • greater productivity: up to 20% higher than previous models
  • energy savings
  • simplified and reduced maintenance


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Fabric, labour, space


Reduce costs by increasing product quality


Excellent and continuous performance over time


The right way to cut





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