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Welding Respirator even the entire East Pole.The top Welding Respirator Welding Respirator of the list of strong As he walked, he said However, it is a pity that you are too strong, so today your life will come to an end.Seeing Welding Respirator the other side getting closer and closer, Ye Han s eyes glimpsed.He doesn t want to be so passive again. Just at this moment, in the distance, there was a Welding Respirator loud noise in the devil s castle.It seems that Welding Respirator the battle inside is progressing to a fierce state.The rolling volatility also caused many people to be distracted.Then take this moment call out The figure of Ye Han suddenly rushed out like lightning, and it was already broken into the eyes of Fang Tianxiao.The true power of roaring suddenly. rushed out of Welding Respirator his sword and sword, like two dragons, madly going to Fang Tianxiao Sword Warrior bang The air seems to be torn in an instant, Fang Tianxiao around the body, the endless screams are also instantly cut.Ye Han s shot was on Fang Tianxiao s body. The overbearing power poured around and directly blasted Welding Respirator the ground beneath them to a huge pit several kilometers deep.All these changes are completed in an instant. When other people reacted, they just saw the ground gravel flying, the dust dancing Howe

ver, this is so, Ye Han still can not hurt Fang where to get a n95 fit test site Tianxiao.At the crucial moment, Fang Tianxiao turned into a beautiful circle of Welding Respirator fire, directly collapsed to the surrounding, and then the body shape suddenly slammed behind Ye what kind of yogurt is best for face masks out His fingers were like awns, waving a flame mans sword and pointing straight to the body of Ye Han.No, it is a shadow Fang Tianxiao s Welding Respirator heart suddenly jumped, and the 3m diesel exhaust fume mask 8222 figure immediately retreated Welding Respirator to the left with the fastest speed.Just after retreating, he saw a glimpse of Jianguang swept away in the position where he was only, and instantly tore the local land to a huge canyon.If Welding Respirator he didn t run fast, there should be more wounds on his body.After Fang Tianxiao escaped a blow, Welding Respirator Ye Han s attack did not stop.I saw his sword waving in his hand, and several violent culls in succession, forcing him to continua.lly retreat, and his figure was when do eastern asians wear face masks turned into a phantom.After successive collapses, he re gathered again. Between the sparks and the splashes, they have already played Welding Respirator against each other and don t how long need face mask after aparatment extermination know how many times.The air has left a trace of the image. Lin Zhirong and others are stunned because, in their eyes, this is not like two peo

Welding Respirator

ple fighting, more like a dozen people fighting at the same time.Even more so that they feel speechless, but they all know that the two men s battles at this moment have not yet been real, but they are only testing each other.But this Welding Respirator temptation has Welding Respirator made them feel powerless. Suddenly, the two men in the air battles stepped back and opened each other s distance.The first confrontation is really comparable to each other.However, under this confrontation, the swords and swords in Ye Han s hands have Welding Respirator been cracked.The ordinary blade of the five grade level, after all, can t afford the power that broke out during the battle of Ye Han at this moment, and the force of their own forces collided, which Welding Respirator made them suffer.The two were facing each other. The difference was Welding Respirator that Ye Han was standing firmly in the air, and Fang Tianxiao s figure suddenly became blurred, as if there was only one fire left.This is your field. Ye Han looked at Fang Tianxiao, who was gradually getting smaller, and asked indifferently.Yes, t. his is Welding Respirator my field.Fang Tianxiao s voice came from the fog. Your martial arts field is powerful, but my field of tactics just immunizes most of your attacks.Now wha

about n95 mask t else do you have It is really a powerful field, much more powerful than the two so called war kings.Although the two sides are deadly enemies, Ye Han still sincerely sighed.At Welding Respirator foldable dust mask the same time, he is also very clear that relying on the sword anime emoticon anti dust face mask field can not kill the Dan Welding Respirator King.If this is the case Ye Han s tone suddenly changed.Then I can only kill you with other skills. The sound falls boom A msa safety rubber halfmask facepiece respirator hegemonic fire Welding Respirator system force suddenly rises from the leaf Welding Respirator cold Welding Respirator body, emitting an endless threat The threat of this threat is so strong that 3m respirator how to use it makes people feel guilty and makes people feel trembled.Witch print In the distance, Qin De, the virtual volley and Welding Respirator other king level powerhouses in Welding Respirator the midst of


  • Cada rodillo es cargado en otro eje accionado independientemente para depositar el material en una cinta de alimentación sincronizada con el movimiento de la máquina que lleva el tejido en la zona de corte
  • La cinta permite la alimentación simultánea de todas las capas de producto con una tensión uniforme y perfectamente alineados, sin ninguna influencia debida por la distancia entre el rollo y la máquina
  • Los accionamientos de los rollos son independientes  y guiados por motores trifásicos controlados por inversor
  • Los ejes que sostienen los rollos están dotados por un dispositivo neumático para una mejor tracción
  • El control del radio de los rollos permite alimentar cuidadosamente el material sin crear tensión adicional
  • La alimentación está perfectamente sincronizada en fase con el movimientos del carro de la máquina
  • Sensores ópticos son utilizados para detectar el material aseguran el correcto control para cuando el producto se termina
  • La función de alimentación invertida permite la inversión de la dirección de la rotación de los rollos de modo de volver a enrollar el material que ha quedado en caso que sea necesario detener la producción antes que todo el material haya sido utilizado
  • Una pantalla independiente para cada capa hace más rápida las operaciones de visualización de los parámetros
  • Un botón de paro  suministra protección y permite el control en caso de agotamiento del material o en caso de verificaciones decididas por el operador



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