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Heb Pharmacy all quiet.Some people Heb Pharmacy say hello to Jiang Hong and others, and want to show their faces in front of these distinguished adults.When Jiang Hong and Fang Shijie appeared, they all looked at Ye Han in the same way.The depths of Heb Pharmacy their eyes were all brilliant, but their minds were very different.If the two people turned their eyes to other people without any problems, they found that the people standing behind Zhou Yun in front of Zhou Yun were the martial artists who were within 30 years of the city, Heb Pharmacy less than 100 people, and the fifteenth Heb Pharmacy of the martial arts test.Originally, the Heb Pharmacy martial arts test was the highest, but the martial arts were nine level repairs.It is reasonable to say that they are not Heb Pharmacy eligible to participate in the battle.However, they have one more identity. That is the disciple of the Qingyun School.The Qingyun Scho. ol also has two people holding the Cangsheng Order.Here, I intend to go with this new group of disciples.Soon after Jiang Hong arrived, a group of people quickly walked in

from outside Heb Pharmacy the square to see viral filter mask n95 the costumes of the people they led, Heb Pharmacy but they were all Qingyun disciples.When Ye Han glanced at it, he knew that these people were the ones who had been screened out by other city martial arts tests.They what type of respirator is needed for activated carbon would appear here, Heb Pharmacy apparently what notice had been received.Compared with the city of Bishan, the largest city in the southern region, these people from other cities have selected only five people in Heb Pharmacy each city, and there are more than a dozen master Heb Pharmacy level strongmen in their cities.After Heb Pharmacy these people came, they n59 respirator joined the team under the arrangement of Jiang Hong and others.At this moment, the team became close to 300 people.Just when the talents had just assembled, suddenly, far away, a rough voice came from the sky.Hey, customized respirator half mask are you all here Everyone quickly looked in the direction of the sound, and found that a few giant eagle in the air did not know when it appeared, and suddenly fell to the ground.Calling The strong how long can you use a respirator mask wind swept the entire square with Heb Pharmacy the giant eagle in t

Heb Pharmacy

he air.A lot of dust was rolled up in the square, and many people stood still and stood still, and quickly retreated, and quickly opened a large position.Ye Han, they a. ll have their own breath, trying to make themselves stand firm.Looking at these giant eagle carefully, Ye Han found that their feathers were blood red, flowing with a metallic luster, and the fierce appearance was extremely shocking under the sun.When the giant eagle fell, it made people feel that they were really huge and abnormal.Each pair of wings was actually several tens of meters long.It was completely a giant. Standing next to Ye Han, Yang Qi suddenly said excitedly This is a blood eagle, flying very fast, and each has extremely terrible power, even if it is a division level powerhouse, they will be slightly Heb Pharmacy inadvertent.Shred directly , , A Heb Pharmacy total of eight blood eagle landed together, and Heb Pharmacy when the giant claws of the Heb Pharmacy iron stone landed, a loud and squeaking sound was heard.When they fell, everyone found that Heb Pharmacy there were Heb Pharmacy still pe

ople standing on the back of the eagle.These people were wearing armor one by one, and they were fierce and fierce, standing like a meteorite on the back of the eagle.After the blood eagle landed, they Heb Pharmacy leaped up again and again, falling neatly on the ground, directly into a square array.Under Heb Pharmacy the count of the people, they found that there were forty one Heb Pharmacy people, and the one standing Heb Pharmacy at the forefront was Heb Pharmacy a burly, heroic man.Obviously, osha respirator appendix d form the one sentence was also sent by this man.This man is calm and calm, just. like an indestructible iron mountain.When he strode toward Ye Han and others, he did not release a little bit of Heb Pharmacy infuriating, but naturally let the people feel Heb Pharmacy strong pressure.Even Jiang Hong and Fang Shijie are no exception. how to draw porcelain masks on a face This is a very powerful role This is the judgment of Ye Hanxin Heb Pharmacy in the first n95 air filter masks time.Intuition tells him that although what is a n95 respirator mask the man s cultivation mask for yellow dust is the same as Jiang Hong s ninth order, but once he really fights, Jiang Hong estimates that he is not the opponent of this man.However,


  • Cada rodillo es cargado en otro eje accionado independientemente para depositar el material en una cinta de alimentación sincronizada con el movimiento de la máquina que lleva el tejido en la zona de corte
  • La cinta permite la alimentación simultánea de todas las capas de producto con una tensión uniforme y perfectamente alineados, sin ninguna influencia debida por la distancia entre el rollo y la máquina
  • Los accionamientos de los rollos son independientes  y guiados por motores trifásicos controlados por inversor
  • Los ejes que sostienen los rollos están dotados por un dispositivo neumático para una mejor tracción
  • El control del radio de los rollos permite alimentar cuidadosamente el material sin crear tensión adicional
  • La alimentación está perfectamente sincronizada en fase con el movimientos del carro de la máquina
  • Sensores ópticos son utilizados para detectar el material aseguran el correcto control para cuando el producto se termina
  • La función de alimentación invertida permite la inversión de la dirección de la rotación de los rollos de modo de volver a enrollar el material que ha quedado en caso que sea necesario detener la producción antes que todo el material haya sido utilizado
  • Una pantalla independiente para cada capa hace más rápida las operaciones de visualización de los parámetros
  • Un botón de paro  suministra protección y permite el control en caso de agotamiento del material o en caso de verificaciones decididas por el operador



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